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Dr Kleoniki Natalia Petrou

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Support Assistant



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30116 Prince's GardensSouth Kensington Campus





Natalia is a research and administrative assistant at the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). At this post she conducts research on environmental quality related projects, deals with the course curriculum management and provides academic and administrative tasks in support of the group. Her main research interests lie in the area of sustainable development and the potential use of new technologies to that end. 

Natalia graduated from the University of Macedonia with a BSc in Business Administration in 2012 and from Imperial College London with an MSc in Environmental Technology specializing in Water Management in 2012. Her MSc Thesis was called ‘Redefining and "rebranding" sustainability through Social Networking Sites (SNS)’. Natalia completed also her PhD in Environmental Economics at the University of Thessaly with her thesis entitled 'Moving towards a circular economy: Evaluating waste management practices’.

Previously she has worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Macedonia delivering accounting lab modules to a class of approximately 30 students. Also she has worked as an intern in the Database Management Department of Helexpo Greece. Furthermore she likes learning foreign languages and so far speaks 8 foreign languages.



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