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I am mainly interested in the application of Bayesian computational methods  to exploit causes of genetic variation in final and intermediate phenotypes  and their interaction, i.e. complex traits and transcriptional abundance  respectively. My goal is to build a class of general purpose statistical tools that, together with portable, efficient and publicly available software solutions, can be used in the future to better understand the molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis.

My collaborators are: Petros Dellaportas (Dept of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business), Adrian Dobra (Dept of Statistics, University of Washington), Christos-Savvas Bouganis (EEE, Imperial College London) and Sylvia Richardson (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge).

I have also strong links with biologists and epidemiologists: Mario Falchi (Dept Genomics and Common Disease, Imperial College London), Enrico Petretto (MRC Clinical Sciences Centre London) and Paolo Vineis (EPH, Imperiall College London).



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