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Research Background: The group has built up a suite of novel characterisation tools for Functional Magnetic Materials over many years. 

a) Materials for Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Heating and Cooling 

We are currently funded through an Innovate UK grant together with Camfridge UK to bring magnetic materials closer to application for domestic refrigeration. We have recently participated in a European wide programme on solid state magnetic cooling (DRREAM) and an EPSRC programme grant on materials for energy applications. We use our unique characterisation tools to study the magnetic, thermal and magnetocaloric properties of a range of materials. 

We have recently begun a new collaboration with the Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow and Birmingham to explore hybrid organic-inorganic composite materials for barocaloric heating and cooling.

b) Spin Triplet Superconductivity 

We have developed methodology together with collaborators at Cambridge University to detect formation of pure spin currents within superconductors using ferromagnetic resonance based spin pumping. In particular we have been interested in forming a better understanding of the interfacial conditions that promote the long range proximity induced spin triplet channel.

c) Antiperovskite antiferromagnetic nitrides

Our focus has primarily been to study thin film Mn3NiN which is a non-collinear frustrated antiferromagnetic system. In recent times we have studied the properties of this material in thin film form grown by pulsed laser deposition. The magneto-optic, magneto-transport and magneti-thermal properties are governed by the topology of the band structure. The material family lends itself to spintronic application due to these properties as well as demonstration of piezomagnetism.


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Research Student Supervision

Brown,L, Thermal and electrical properties od carbon nanotubes

Cowie,A, A Study of the Microwave Power dependance in HTS thim Films

Ghosh,IS, Microwave Losses of HTS thin films induced by High Magnetic Field

Hossain,AKM, Investigation of the Colassal Magnetoresistance bulk and Thick Film Manganites

Hudson,P, Transport and MFM of CMR

Magnus,F, Spintronics

Maher,R, SERS

Malde,N, Ramon Spectroscopy of cuprate and manganite oxides

Miyoshi,Y, Point Contact Spectroscopy

Moore,J, Critical fields in MgB2

Morrison,K, Magnetocalorics



Purnell,A, Nonlinear effects in HTS Thin Films


Totty,J, Vortex Dynamics in the Cuprate Superconductors

Wickens,E, Superconductivity

Yates,K, Microwave properties of Manganites