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Dr. Luke Delmas

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Teaching Fellow in Culinary Chemistry and Education



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240ChemistrySouth Kensington Campus





Luke graduated in 2011 from The University of the West Indies in Barbados with a chemistry BSc (Hons) before completing an MPhil in 2013 at the same institution under the supervision of Dr. Avril Williams, investigating mechanically interlocked molecules based on the dibenzylammonium/24-crown-8 recognition motif.

Luke subsequently joined Imperial College London as an MRes student in green chemistry, conducting research on new porous materials with Dr. Rob Davies and Prof. Paul Lickiss, graduating in 2015 with distinction. The award of an Imperial College President’s PhD scholarship allowed him to continue his research on metal-organic and hydrogen-bonded frameworks built from organosilicon carboxylic acids in the same research groups, completing his PhD in 2019.

Luke began his Teaching fellow position in the Chemistry Department in June 2019 and is part of the team working on the new Chemical Kitchen project. The Chemical Kitchen aims to provide training to undergraduate students in good laboratory practice and experimental design through culinary science experiments. The project is rooted in the strong overlap between the skills and attributes of professional chefs with those required by chemists.



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