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Lynsey's research focusses on improving health and quality of life for people with long standing health conditions. Lynsey originally studied Sports Science at the University of Portsmouth, achieving 1st Class Honours and an award for highest academic achievement. She went on to complete her PhD at Kings College London, involving a multi-centre study to investigate the health benefits of functional electrical stimulation cycling for people with spinal cord injury (1st FES Sports Day). Lynsey subsequently continued her work in this area, attempting to understand the causes of extreme muscle fatigue during this type of exercise.

In 2009, Lynsey moved to Imperial College London to complete a short post-doctoral position under the supervision of Dr Paul Strutton. This project investigated the effects of energy drinks on central fatigue using neurophysiological techniques including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Lynsey then gained a 4-year post-doctoral position within the Medical Engineering Solutions in Osteoarthritis Centre, under the supervision of Professor Alison McGregor.  Her research in the centre focusses on biomechanical adaptations in people with osteoarthritis affecting the knee joint. Lynsey has used motion capture to build up a database of walking patterns from over 200 people.



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