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Dr Louise Fleming  completed her undergraduate degree in medicine at the University of Manchester before moving to London for postgraduate training in Paediatrics. This included an 18 month VSO/RCPCH Fellowship in The Gambia.

Dr Fleming undertook postgraduate research at NHLI and the Royal Brompton Hospital, funded by the British Lung Foundation, under the supervision of Professor Andrew Bush and Dr Nicola Wilson. She carried out a randomised controlled trial investigating the use of inflammatory markers to guide management in children with severe asthma leading to the award of an MD degree.

Dr Fleming’s research interests include characterizing problematic severe asthma; monitoring asthma including use of biomarkers; determinants of adherence; identification of novel therapeutic targets and non-pharmacological management of asthma including behavior change. She is the clinical lead for asthma at the Royal Brompton where she has developed the difficult asthma protocol and the National Registry for children with difficult asthma. She is a member of the BTS Specialist Advisory Group for Severe Asthma, a member of the BTS/SIGN clinical guidelines group and Chair of the Asthma UK Health Professionals Council.



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