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Research experience

Hirschberg specializes in the application of a fundamental-research approach to the investigation of pertinent industrial and environmental fluid mechanics problems. He currently investigates the aeroacoustic properties of perforations. This activity is part of Prof. Aimee S. Morgans’ AFIRMATIVE project (ERC Consolidator Grant, WP2 “Burner and Damper Acoustic Models”). In the past, Hirschberg accrued the following research experience:
• Performing original vorticity-noise experiments, carrying out post processing and analysis of the resulting data (combustion-noise problem).
• Analytical modeling based analysis of previously-published empirical vorticity-noise data (combustion-noise problem).
• Aeroacoustic modeling of self-sustained pressure pulsations in solid rocket motors (combustion-noise problem).
• Analytical modeling and numerical simulation based analysis of thin-liquid film stability experiments (for nano-lithography and industrial thin-film coating).
• Theoretical development of diffuse-interface theory for contact line dynamics (for nano-lithography and industrial thin-film coating).
• Analytical modeling and experimental investigation of the stability of a linearly-stratified wide-gap Taylor-Couette flow (fundamental research for oceanographic/geophysical fluid mechanics).
• Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of indium-bromide vapor with kinetic-theory modeling of pressure broadening observed in these measurements (lighting applications).

PhD Thesis

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L. Hirschberg, Low Order Modeling of Vortex Driven Self-Sustained Pressure Pulsations in Solid Rocket Motors,PhD Thesis, CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay, France, 2019. link to full text

MSc Thesis

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L. Hirschberg, ``Contributions to the study of the capillarity of thin liquid films: analysis of measurements of dry spot nucleation and the use of diffuse interface theory for contact line dynamics,'' MSc Thesis, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2014. link to full text