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Production and Export of Ross Sea Bottom Water Throughout the Plio-Pleistocene

Mr Liam Holder is current research postgraduate under the supervision of Professor Tina Van de Flierdt. Liam's research interests involve inorganic isotope geochemistry and paleoceanography with a specific focus on the Antarctic region. Liam's current project is connected with the IODP Expedition 374 - Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History. The aim of this project is to determine how the production of Ross Sea Bottom Water has varied throughout the last 3 million years and the implications on global ocean circulation, climate and West Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics. This will be achieved by reconstructing the detrital and authigenic neodymium signal of fossil fish teeth contained within sediment archives from the Ross Sea. 


  • PhD Candidate in Earth Sciences (Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoceanography), Imperial College London - 2018 - Present
  • Bachelor of Science Advanced (Marine Science and Chemistry) with First Class Honours, The Australian National University - 2014 - 2017

Scholarships and Awards

  • Presidents PhD Scholarship, Imperial College London - 2018
  • Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Summer Scholarship - 2017
  • Australian National University Summer Research Scholarship - 2017
  • Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Honours Scholarship - 2017
  • Australia New Zealand IODP Consortium Marine Geosciences Masterclass Scholarship - 2016 
  • Centenary Scholarship, The Australian National University - 2014


  • Interactions of the Totten Glacier with the Southern Ocean through multiple glacial cycles. IN2017-V01 14thJanuary – 5th March, 2017.    L.K. Armand, P. O’Brien and On-board Scientific Party*