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My main area of research has focused on the assessment and management of a variety of fish stocks and fisheries for commercially exploited, and endangered threaten and protected species. This is  because throughout my career I have help develop scientific management frameworks working with intergovernmental bodies such as the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), Sargasso Sea Commission (SSC), and the International Whaling Commission (IWC). I have also led a variety of international projects, under which I helped develop the Precautionary Approach for fisheries management. As part of these projects, I pioneered the use of Management Strategy Evaluation to help create risk-based approaches for the sustainable use of marine renewable resources (Kell et al., 2007). Areas of work include the development of long-term management strategies based on harvest control rules and indicators to help move towards Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management.

Current research activities include developing methods based on life history for the management of data-poor stocks (Pons et al., 2020) and model validation (Kell et al., 2016). I am currently using machine learning to evaluate trade-offs between multiple management objectives and have explored the potential role of insurance mechanisms to improve the sustainability of fish stock exploitation by modifying behaviour to reduce risks (Mumford et al., 2009).



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