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Lupus nephritis

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a multisystem autoimmune disease most commonly occurring in women of child bearing age and in women of colour.  About 40-60% will develop lupus nephritis ((LN) inflammation due to lupus in their kidneys) and a significant proportion of these patients will go on to end stage kidney disease (ESKD) despite optimal current treatment.  Treatment regimens have included high dose steroids since 1950, now well recognised for causing long term damage to patients.

Through funding from MRC, Arthritis ResearchUK, NIHR, Lupus UK and Roche (~£5million since 2013), my LN research has focused on developing better diagnostic and prognostic tools and transforming therapeutic approaches. With my colleagues at Imperial we were the first to show that rituximab was steroid-sparing in LN, and in a paradigm shift, that LN could be treated without oral steroids1. Our work led to steroid minimisation becoming a goal in all LN trials and accepted as a part of the definition of remission in SLE and LN. We demonstrated that low hydroxychloroquine levels ‘captured’ non-adherence and higher risk of LN flare2. We identified that having ANCA leads to worse prognosis in LN3 and continue to evaluate new therapeutic targets e.g complement. By helping design, monitor and analyse several global clinical studies, writing EU & UK guidelines, developing a Glucocorticoid Toxicity Index4, been the UKKA clinical expert on several NICE STAs of new drugs for LN, advised the EMA, my impact in LN is global. My influence in glomerular disease more generally is evident from my role as Co-Chair of the SONG-GD International Steering Group, which is defining core outcomes5, agreed by patients and health professionals, for GD trials and ensuring the patient voice is at the centre of kidney research6

Pregnancy in women with kidney disease

Recognizing the challenges faced by women with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who wish to have children, I established, and was the first national coordinator of, the National Rare Renal Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) & Pregnancy Registry, which will define outcomes and unmet need. I promoted steroid avoidance in LN in pregnancy and showed tacrolimus is safe in breastfeeding. Having identified biomarkers that distinguish pre-eclampsia from CKD, defined normal renal function in pregnancy and developed a personalized pregnancy risk assessment for women with CKD7 (featured in an NIHR alert), I helped establish an international network to predict pregnancy’s impact on kidney function.  I was the renal expert on the NICE guideline “Intrapartum Care of Women with Pre-existing Medical Conditions” (NG121) and am coauthor of the Renal Association Guideline on Renal Disease and Pregnancy8, which is NICE assured and the first of its kind. 

COVID-19 and immunocompromised patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic I have led on treatment guidance for immunosuppressed kidney patients nationally and all patients with severe COVID in the Trust;  I am a core member of the Renal COVID research group led by Dr Michelle Willicombe, focused on understanding the impact of immunosuppression on COVID-19 infections and responses to vaccines. Our work9,10  has contributed to JCVI decisions including 3rd vaccine doses for vulnerable patients. We are now leading the UKRI-MRC funded, CUE-TIP prioritised MELODY study, evaluating responses to 3rd / 4th COVID vaccines in nearly 30,000  immunocompromised patients with solid organ transplants, or with blood cancer or with rare autoimmune diseases who have been treated with rituximab (mostly those with vasculitis / lupus).

Key publications

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Lupus nephritis – key papers

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Pregnancy in women with kidney disease – key papers

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SARS-COV-2 and immunosuppressed – key papers

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Dr Frederic Houssiau, Chief Investigator, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Université catholique de Louvain, Bruxelles,Belgium, Chair, Data Safety Monitoring Committee, RING Trial - Rituximab for Lupus Nephritis with Remission as a Goal, 2013

Brad H. Rovin, MD, FACP, FASNProfessor of Medicine and PathologyVice Chairman of Research for Internal MedicineDirector, Division of Nephrology, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Lupus nephritisCollaborator on biomarkers in lupus nephritisUS lead in Rituxilup trial, 2012

Professor Ronald van Vollenhoven, Unit for Clinical Therapy Research, Inflammatory Diseases (Clin TRID), Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, Collaborating on RITUXILUP trial in lupus nephritis - I am chief investigator of the international multicentre randomised controlled trial and he is the lead for the non UK EU sites., 2011

Dr Giovanna Lombardi, Guy's, Kings and St Thomas' Medical School, 2005 - 2008

Dr Paul Roderick and Dr Mark Mullee, Medical Epidemiology Unit, Southampton University, 2003

Dr Marta Lapsley and Dr Mark Dockrell, South West Thames Renal Research Institute, 2003

Mr Gurch Randhawa, Luton University, 2002

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Plenary lecture: 1. Can we avoid end-stage renal disease in all patients? (with lupus nephritis)Workshop: Lupus Kidney Disease - when to biopsy? How to treat, The Lupus Academy is a long-term initiative committed to improving patient outcomes in SLE and allied diseases. By providing a highly interactive educational forum, the Lupus Academy is dedicated to sharing best clinical practice through the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge scientific and clinical research. The first meeting was held in Barcelona in 2012. I was the only nephrologist on the faculty and received the highest rating of any speaker for both my plenary lecture and the workshops I ran., Fire Palace Hotel, Barcelona, Spain, 2012

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