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Lorenzo Macorini is Professor of Structural Engineering at Imperial College London, where he is involved in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Prof Macorini gained a PhD in Structural Engineering at the University of Trieste (Italy) then moved to Imperial as a Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellow to conduct research within the Computational Structural Mechanics group with a particular focus on masonry structures.  Since his appointment as Lecturer in 2010, he has been involved in and led projects funded by research councils and industry. The main findings are presented in about 150 scientific papers, published in leading international journals and conference proceedings. He has also worked as a consultant for public organisations and industry supporting complex design and assessment of existing structures.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Pantò B, Chisari C, Macorini L, et al., 2022, A hybrid macro-modelling strategy with multi-objective calibration for accurate simulation of multi-ring masonry arches and bridges, Computers & Structures, Vol:265, ISSN:0045-7949

Panto B, Macorini L, Izzuddin BA, 2022, A two-level macroscale continuum description with embedded discontinuities for nonlinear analysis of brick/block masonry, Computational Mechanics, Vol:69, ISSN:0178-7675, Pages:865-890

Minga E, Macorini L, Izzuddin B, et al., 2020, 3D macroelement approach for nonlinear FE analysis of URM components subjected to in-plane and out-of-plane cyclic loading, Engineering Structures, Vol:220, ISSN:0141-0296, Pages:1-22

Chisari C, Macorini L, Amadio C, et al., 2018, Identification of mesoscale model parameters for brick-masonry, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol:146, ISSN:0020-7683, Pages:224-240

Zhang Y, Tubaldi E, Macorini L, et al., 2018, Mesoscale partitioned modelling of masonry bridges allowing for arch-backfill interaction, Construction and Building Materials, Vol:173, ISSN:0950-0618, Pages:820-842

Minga E, Macorini L, Izzuddin BA, 2018, A 3D mesoscale damage-plasticity approach for masonry structures under cyclic loading, Meccanica, Vol:53, ISSN:0025-6455, Pages:1591-1611

Tubaldi E, Macorini L, Izzuddin BA, 2018, Three-dimensional mesoscale modelling of multi-span masonry arch bridges subjected to scour, Engineering Structures, Vol:165, ISSN:0141-0296, Pages:486-500

Minga E, Macorini L, Izzuddin B, 2018, Enhanced mesoscale partitioned modelling of heterogeneous masonry structures, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol:113, ISSN:0029-5981, Pages:1950-1971

Xavier FB, Macorini L, Izzuddin BA, 2015, Robustness of Multistory Buildings with Masonry Infill, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Vol:29, ISSN:0887-3828

More Publications