Imperial College London

Dr Lorenzo Matteini

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Lecturer in Space Plasma Physics







Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





Undergraduate Teaching:

I am lecturing the Space Physics course (Yr4 option). This course is about the various physical processes that take place in the Heliosphere, the region of Universe around us and that can be directly explored by space missions. The Heliosphere is affected by particles and electromagnetic fields from the Sun, through the presence of a continuous plasma flow, the Solar Wind. The Solar Wind is a hot, fully ionised gas (thus a plasma) that originates from the Sun's Corona and embeds our whole solar system. It is an incredible laboratory for plasma physics and thanks to its accessibility to explorations in situ, it can provide us with very useful about astrophysical plasmas in general.

I am the Module Leader of the Thermal Physics and Structure of Matter course in Yr2 (TPSoM) where I'm also in charge of seminars, and an Academic Tutor for Yr1. I have for a long time also demonstrated in the Laboratory course of Yr2.

Master and PG projects:

I supervise MSci and MSc projects about Space Physics (for example about the analysis of spacecraft data). If you are interested in a project in this research area you can contact me or just look for my proposed projects when these are advertised (typically in April/May). 

Year Abroad:

In the Physics Department, I am the Academic Visitor for Italy, assisting both Imperial students spending their year abroad in Padua U. and the visiting students from Italy. If you are doing the Physics degree with a Year Abroad (YA) and would like more infos about exchanges with Italy or in general, you can get in touch anytime.