Imperial College London

Mr Leon R McFarlane

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Senior Research Technician







463Norfolk PlaceSt Mary's Campus





Leon is a Senior Research Technician working within Professor Robin Shattock's Mucosal Infection and Immunity group. As a member of the GcLP Immunology Core facility, he assists and supports the immunogenicity analysis of newly developed vaccine modalities primarily against HIV, Chlamydia and SARS-CoV2. His role is focused on wet lab work supporting pre-clinical and clinical (Phase I study) evaluation of immune responses to vaccine programmes.

In addition to supporting ongoing vaccine programmes the GcLP facility develops, optimises, standardises and validates new immunogenicity assays for novel vaccine approaches developed within the group. The facility is able to cross-validate immune responses detected in samples from pre-clinical and human phase I clinical trials. Vaccine induced immunity analysis performed by the GcLP laboratory includes measurement of both systemic and mucosal T and B cell responses using a variety of techniques. Quantitative antigen-specific B cell responses are measured by multiplex  ELISA technology and dual colour B-cell ELiSPOT, while qualitative functional approaches include cytokine profiling by Luminex, virus capture assay and virus neutralisation. The assessment of vaccine induced T cell immunogenicity includes dual colour T cell ELiSPot assay, multi-parametric flow cytometry, T cell proliferation and functional cytotoxicity assays.

Leon gained his first degree (BSc Hons) from St George's University of London in 2011 followed by 2 years work for the Sangeev Krishna group (Wellcome Trust) on High Throughput Screening of Novel Anti-Malarial targets. He gained his MSc Immunology of Infectious diseases from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In 2015, he was invited as a Visiting Researcher at International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) before embarking on a career with Imperial College London.  



Cheeseman HM, Day S, McFarlane LR, et al., 2018, Combined Skin and Muscle DNA Priming Provides Enhanced Humoral Responses to a Human Immunodeficency Virus Type 1 Clade C Envelope Vaccine, Human Gene Therapy, Vol:29, ISSN:1043-0342, Pages:1011-1028

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