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I am a Reader in Audio Experience Design and I lead the Audio Experience Design (AXD) research group with the Dyson School of Design Engineering.  My research is currently focussed on spatial acoustics and immersive audio, looking both at perceptual and computational matters, as well as at real life applications. In the past years I have worked on projects related with 3D binaural sound rendering, spatial hearing, hearing aids technologies, audio and haptic interaction and, more in general, acoustical virtual and augmented reality. More recently I have also been working in the field of ecoacoustic monitoring, designing autonomous recorders and using audio to better understand the impact humans have on remote ecosystems (
I’m currently involved in several national international research projects, such as SONICOM, looking at developing the next generation of immersive audio technologies using AI; BEARS, looking at helping teenagers with bilateral cochlear implants using a VR-based auditory training approach; as well as other projects focussed on exploring spatial hearing mechanisms, developing spatial acoustics and immersive audio technologies, and using these in real-life applications.

More information about my work can be found here

I am currently the module leader for the DESE-61003 Audio Experience Design module, the coordinator of the DE MEng Master's Projects, and I am a tutor for the GID and IDE MA/MSc programs at Imperial College London, in collaboration with the Royal College of Arts.

Look at the video of the AXD Installations 2022, displaying the work of the three groups at the end of the Audio Experience Design 2022 module.



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Pauwels J, Picinali L, 2023, On the relevance of the differences between HRTF measurement setups for machine learning, ICASSP 2023 - 2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), IEEE, Pages:1-5

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