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I am a Reader in Audio Experience Design and I lead the Audio Experience Design (AXD) research group with the Dyson School of Design Engineering. In the past years I have worked in Italy (Università degli Studi di Milano), France (LIMSI-CNRS and IRCAM) and UK (De Montfort University and Imperial College London) on projects related with 3D binaural sound rendering, eco-acoustic monitoring, interactive applications for visually and hearing impaired individuals, audiology and hearing aids technology, audio and haptic interaction and, more in general, acoustical virtual and augmented reality. The research I’ve been involved in the past years focussed mainly on immersive audio, looking both at the perceptual and computational sides of things, as well as at applications of such technologies. An example or our work is the design and implementation of a binaural spatialisation tool called the 3D Tune-In Toolkit, which also integrates a hearing loss simulation and virtual hearing aids. I've also worked on the SafeAcoustics project, which looks at assessing biodiversity using autonomous and automatic acoustic monitoring.

I am currently the module leader for the DE3-AXP Audio Experience Design module, and I am a tutor for the GID and IDE MA/MSc programs at Imperial College London, in collaboration with the Royal College of Arts.

Look at the video of the AXP Audio Installations 2019, displaying the work of the three groups at the end of the Audio Experience Design 2019 module.

I am the scientific coordinator of the EU-H2020 SONICOM research project.



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