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I am a PhD student in  Mechanics and Infrastructure Materials Lab, led by  Dr Emilio Martinez-Paneda at the Imperial College London. My research is focused on modelling carbon nanotubes based composites and the application of those models into the industry in areas such as structural health monitoring. This PhD project is supervised by Dr Emilio Martinez-Paneda and Enrique García Macías.


Born and raised in Chile, I started my university studies at the University of Chile (UCH), where I obtained my bachelor's (2018) and master's degrees (2020) in mechanical engineering. My master thesis was under the supervision of Prof. Viviana Meruane. It focused on metamaterials, where I designed and simulated phononic structures to avoid the propagation of mechanical waves in a sandwich composite. I was awarded the distinction of the best postgraduate thesis in mechanical engineering from the University of Chile in 2021. Also, I received the award for best graduate of 2020 by the Chilean Engineers Society.




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Quinteros L, Meruane V, Cardoso EL, 2021, Phononic band gap optimization in truss-like cellular structures using smooth P-norm approximations, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Vol:64, ISSN:1615-147X, Pages:113-124

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