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Professor Gudrun Moore, University College London, Baby BioBank, 2009

Guest Lectures

Management Update on Recurrent Miscarriage, SAFOG, India, 2022

Women's Health, Wellbeing of Women - Webinar for Amazon, London, 2022

Recurrent Miscarriage Update, Gynalex, Alexandria, Egypt, 2022

My Leadership Journey, UCL Women's Leaders, London, 2022

Women's Health, Imperial College NHS Trust, AHSC Seminar, London, 2022

Women's Health Panel, Intelligent Health UK 2022, London, 2022

Maternal Global Health, ICL Obstetrics & Gynaecology Conference, London, 2022

The importance of SRH in women's health, OGSB, Bangladesh, 2022

Climate Change and Women's Health, Wessex O&G Trainees' AGM, Wessex, 2021

Fertility Journeys, Wellbeing of Women, London, 2021

Darwin Lecture: Will we be able to achieve SDG5 Gender Equality by 2030?,, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 2021

Better for women. Improving the health and wellbeing of girls and women, EUPHA Conference 2021, Germany, 2021

Recurrent Miscarriage: Current Evidence and Emerging Horizons, Bengal Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society Conference - Dr Sreemanta Banerjee Memorial Oration, Bengal, 2021

Can PCOS cause recurrent miscarriage?, PCOS 2021 Conference, India, 2021

SRH care during the COVID pandemic, 7th Annual congress of women's Health Promotion Society, Egypt, 2021

Let's Talk about Fertility, TD Securities Webinar, London, 2021

The role of women doctors in achieving SDG goals, CARC 2021, Mumbai, 2021

Special on Periods, GDST Schools, London, 2021

SRH during COVID-19 Times, FOGSI-FIGO Conference, India, 2021

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Better health for Women - Reflections 2 years on, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 2021

Cervical Cancer: Role of Medical Organisations, IFCPC World Congress of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, 2021

Graduation Keynote Lecture, Lady Eleonor Holles School, London, 2021

Sustaining access to SHR services during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: safety and efficacy of telemedicine, Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), New York, USA, 2021

Better for Women and Journey on Women's Health Strategy, NHS Confederation Webinar, London, 2021

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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe in pregnancy? Fertility and pregnancy myths uncovered, One Welbeck, London, 2021

A fresh look at SDG5: is it achievable by 2030?, MOGS Dr Adatia Conference Oration, India, 2021

Is telemedicine the future of abortion care?, Parliamentary Webinar, London, 2021

Advocating for safe abortion - the role of national societies of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, OGSB Conference, India, 2021

In Conversation Live with Professor Dame Lesley Regan, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 2021

Connection between fertility treatments and women's health, HFEA Webinar, London, 2021

Members Check-In with Professor Lesley Regan, Women on Boards, London, 2021

Opportunities and Obstacles, PTI School Leadership Conference, London, 2021

Achieving SDG for elimination of violence against women and girls, FOGSI Webinar, India, 2021

Understanding miscarriage and pregnancy loss, Wellbeing of Women, London, 2021

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, RSM Obs & Gynae Webinar, London, 2021

Physician Burnout - Findings from the UK, RANZCOG, Australia, 2021

Progesterone and Miscarriage, RANZCOG, Australia, 2021

A life course approach to women's health, International Women's Forum, London, 2021

The role of women doctors in reducing the disease burden of NCD, FOGSI, India, 2021

Women in Leadership, University of East Anglia, 2021

How I did it, Women in Academia Inaugural meeting - ICL, London, 2021

Abortion Policy, Amnesty International, 2020

“Essential Women’s Health Services”, Serbian Association of O&G International Congresss, Serbia, 2020

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“Women’s Health in the Workplace”, WPA, London, 2020

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Women's Health, Human Rights & Gender Equality - is the SDG 5 achievable in 2030?, Lloyd Roberts Lecturer - Medical Society of London, London, 2020

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Health outcomes in the UK for women/role of the RCOG in using the data to influence policy, RCOG World Congress 2019, London, 2019

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How are we going to achieve sustainable development goal 5: gender equality for all by 2030, RANZCOG, Melbourne, Australia, 2019

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Women's Rights in the 21st Century - Reality and Aspirations, Price Orator - Academic Gynaecology & Obstetrics Society, USA, 2019

Women's Rights in the 21st Century - Reality and Aspirations, Bhai Mohan Singh - Dr RP Soonawala Oration - AICC RCOG India, India, 2019

Joining up care across the NHS to support women's health care, Victor Horsley Scientific lecturer - BMA annual meeting, 2019

The Bruce Scott Lecture, Obstetrics Anaesthetists Association ASM, Newcastle, 2019

RCOG and BSGE, British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy Annual Scientific Meeting, London, 2019

The National Women’s Health Taskforce, Ulster Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society Summer Meeting, 2019

Where will the RCOG be in 10 years’ time?, RSM Where are we going to be in 10 years’ time?, London, 2019

The challenge of providing choice for late TOP for fetal abnormality, BMFMS Annual Conference, 2019

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Effects of economic crises on obstetric-perinatal-neonatal outcomes, 2nd Global Forum on Economic Crisis, Women’s Health and DOHaD Consequences, 2019

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Presidential Address, London Specialty School O&G Trainee Conference, London, 2019

Recurrent Miscarriage, RCOG The Fertility Forum, London, 2019

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Global issues in women’s health, Guest of Honour at the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ireland Jubilee Study Day, AGM and Admissions Ceremony, Ireland, 2018

Violence against women in South Asia – Role of Medical Professionals, SASOG/RCOG, South Africa, 2018

Each Baby Counts, 74th Annual Conference SOGC, Vancouver, Canada, 2018

Before & beyond: key components of preconception, inter-conception and women’s healthcare, HRSA Maternal Mortality Summit, Washington, USA, 2018

The Obstetrics Perspective on a global indicator set for surgical and anaesthesia safety, World Federation of the Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) and RSM summit, 2018

"Role of pre-conceptual UNK cell test in pregnancy outcome- recurrent miscarriage""Tender loving care in RPL Management”, ISAR Invited Lecturer, Kolkatta, India, 2018

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Welcome and introduction, RCPSYCH/RCOG Perinatal Mental Health Annual Meeting, London, 2018

Key issues for PRCOG, RCOG Annual Professional Development Conference, London, 2018

Transforming services to enhance patient outcomes: focusing on the National Clinical Priorities – Maternity, HSJ Summit, Manchester, 2018

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Impact of restrictive abortion law on medical professionals, House of Commons event on Reproductive Rights in Northern Ireland, London, 2018

Current challenges for PRCOG, Farewell Symposium for Professor Iain Cameron, 2018

Women in Leadership, The Big Hope 2 Young Leaders Congress, Liverpool, 2018

Abortion Care”, Northern Professional Development Conference, Manchester, 2018

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One Voice – Common Purpose, National Maternity Safety Collaborative, UK, 2018

Pregnancy is a high-risk condition – fact or fiction?, Tommy’s Reception speech, London, 2018

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Improving women's health - ensuring sustainable change globallyOpening of the Medical Women's Federation Centenary, Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK, 2017

The lay member - a personal perspective2017 Jephcott Lecture, Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK, 2017

Changing Hearts and Minds to achieve Women's equality, RCOG World Congress, Cape Town, 2017

Human Rights and Women's Health in 21st Century, Dr Tarun Banerjee Oration at 31st AICC RCOG Congress, Mumbai, 2017

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Human Rights and Women's Health - a Global Perspective, Professor Abdel Salam Gerais Plenary Lecture, 2017

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Inequities of care – Domestic Violence and Abuse – the scale of the problem, World Congress on maternal fetal and neonatal medicine, London, 2017

PRCOG priorities, RCOG Annual Professional development conference, UK, 2017

Anniversary of Abortion Act Birmingham “Abortion in the UK – 50 years on”, Birmingham, 2017

Perinatal Mental Health: the role of the obstetrician, Begin Before Birth National Conference, London, 2017

Victor Bonney Prize Giving Address – My current challenges as PRCOG, Victor Bonney Society, London, 2017

Tackling the Elephants in the Room, RSM O&G section – Challenges of delivering women’s health globally, London, 2017

Current RCOG challenges – my first 100 days 2017, Welsh O&G Society meeting, Cardiff, 2017

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Human rights and women's health, The Fetal Medicine Foundation, London, UK, 2016

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Medical Management of Fibroidswomen EmpowermentRecurrent Pregnancy Loss, Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, Agra, India, 2016

Thoughts for the Future, RCOG retired fellows meeting, London, 2016

Women’s Healthcare in the 21st Century, London Specialty School of O & G -, London, 2016

Abortion Care in the UK: building a sustainable workforce, Department of Health, London, 2016

‘Current management of recurrent miscarriage’, RSM Joint meeting with GP Section, London, 2016

"Leading Safe Choices""Half the Sky – saving women and girls""Domestic violence and Abuse", RCOG World Congress, Birmingham, UK, 2016

Human Rights and Women's Health in the 21st Century, RCOG World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 2015

Plenary lecture: Reproductive health and Human Rights, The International Academy of Human Reproduction, 16th World Congress on Human Reproduction, Berlin, Germany, 2015

Leader: Human rights, women's health and respectful care Workshop Session and Closing Statement, 2015 GLOW Conference, London - Reaching Every Woman: Every Newborn, London, 2015

Human Rights determines 21st Century Women's Health, Edinburgh University - Inaugural Athena Swan Lecture, Edinburgh, 2015

Women's Reproductive Rights & Health: The Future, FIGO Congress Special Invicted Lecturer, Vancouver, 2015

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Shaping a global heath programme – perspectives of a Royal College, RSM – Global surgery, anaesthesia and obstetrics: shifting paradigms and challenging Generations, London, 2015

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20:20 Vision, RCOG National Trainees Conference, Manchester, Manchester, 2014

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Common adolescent gynaecological problems, Imperial College London, MSc Paediatrics course, Adolescent Health, 2014

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The Power of One - Integrating Human Rights into Women's Health, RCOG, Students from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Workshop, London, 2014

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Wellbeing of Women, London - The future of women's health in the UK, Wellbeing of Women, London, 2013

FOGSI, Mumbai, India - Pleanary speaker on Adolescent Health in the UK, FOGSI, Mumbai, India, 2013

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Women of the Year Lunch Awards - "My career path after leaving Cambridge", RCOG/Wellbeing of Women, London, 2008

Cambridge Medical Society - "My career path after leaving Cambridge", Cambridge Medical Society, Cambridge, 2008

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Wellbeing of Women (WoW) Annual Fundraising Appeal; "Shaping the future of Women's Health in the UK", Wellbeing of Women (WoW)Annual Fundraising Appeal, RCOG, London, 2008

Imperial College London Centenary lecture: "On the shoulders of giants", Imperial College LondonCentenary lecturer, London, 2008

RCOG Victor Bonney Lecturer: "Getting beyond the first trimester", RCOGVictor Bonney lecturer, London, 2007

RCOG Green-Armytage lecturer: "Where have all the babies gone?", RCOGGreen-Armytage lecturer, London, 2006

Imperial College Hounsefield Memorial lecture poster competition winner: "MR-guided thermoablation of uterine fibroids", Imperial College Hounsefield Memorial lecturer poster competition winner, London, 2006

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St Mary's Hospital, London - Aleck Bourne Lecturer, St Mary's Hospital, Dept of Obs & Gynae, Groound Floor, Mint WingSt Mary's HospitalSouth Wharf Road, London W2 1NY, 1989

What's new in recurrent miscarriage? Theories, tests and trials, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Research Staff