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I work in the Centre for Environmental Policy and co-convene the ''Business and the Environment Option'' on the M.Sc. Environmental Technology course. I also teach on the Urban Sustainable Environments option.

Environmental decision making for Policy

Originally a theoretical evolutionary ecologist (Imperial and Silwood) by training, I have worked and taught widely on decision making for sustainability and sustainability indicators for over 20 years. 

My career path has included academia, consultancy and the international public sector. I worked as a consultant in environmental economics, policy and legislation at WRc in the late 1990s, focussing on the privatisation of the water industry, advising Northwest Water (United Utilities) on AMP 2; as well as ancillary projects such as models for the privatisation of the railway sector, and the privatisation of the electricity distribution network.

This was followed by a few years overseas developing the prototype European Environment Agency indicator report 2000 (, which included expanding and consolidating DPSIR as the reporting framework and working with the governments of member countries, EIONET and EUROSTAT, to provide reporting streams from national to international indicators, and prototyping the EU Reporting Obligations Database ( 

At Oxford University I developed and taught an environmental decision making module on the Environmental Change and Management MSc, as well as working on the DTI market transformation programme for consumer electronics and leading phase 1 of the Altener project on Electricity Disclosure in Europe: Consumer Choice and Carbon Consciousness for Electricity (

Returning to the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen as an expert in environmental indicators and tools for integrated assessment,  I was responsible for developing and writing the annual indicator report "signals" between 2002 and 2008, developing a focussed policy relevant core-set of 30 key environmental indicators with EIONET (, writing the indicator section of the State of the Environment Reports including developing the first EEA European Environmental Scorecard which was published as part C of State of the European Environment in 2005 (

After training in teaching STEM in schools PGCE and MEd Cambridge, and specialising in dialogic and experiential STEM teaching, I am now a Senior Teaching Fellow in Environment, Sustainability and Business Education at The Centre for environmental Policy at Imperial College and am kept on my toes by our wonderful bunch of 160 talented MSc students.

I trained as a coach in 2007, and I am a qualified professional coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. I have a private practice, providing leadership and development coaching for personal and professional success to private clients and business teams; and also use my skills to also support staff and students at Imperial and provide pastoral care to students. I am responsible for teaching collaborative competencies and leadership for groupwork and sustainability in the department.  

Lowland rescue

In my "spare" time I am an on-call volunteer Lowland Rescue Team Leader and First Responder (FREC 4 and wilderness first responder / medic) and on-call to support the police in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I won the Queen's Award for this voluntary service with my team in 2019. 

I translate that work to Imperial by acting as departmental First Aider and Mental Health First Aider, and field trip advisor; and by using my experience of training and assessing search and rescue volunteer for operating in pressurised and difficult situations- to my students at Imperial.

During the COVID pandemic I have been working shifts as a vaccinator in Buckinghamshire.

My main interests are in: 

 - Education- Environment, sustainability and business education in HE

 - Pedagogy - helping others to make the most of their teaching 

 - Indicators as tools for decision making and communication

 - Indicators of social and environmental progress and sustainability

- coaching and leadership development 

- getting people engaged with the landscape around them


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