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Loic Salles is a Research Fellow in Rolls-Royce Vibration UTC in Mechanical Engineering department. He joined Imperial College in 2012. His research focus in nonlinear vibration and computational method for large scale modelling.  He works on the development of the in-house code FORSE, which i used by Rolls-Royce for vibration analysis of aircraft engine components.

He obtained his PhD in 2010 coinjointly at Ecole Centrale Lyon and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He graduated as a rocket engineer from BMSTU in 2006 and as a mechanical engineer from Ecole Centrale Lyon in 2006.



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Suriyanarayanan V, Rendu Q, Vahdati M, et al., 2022, Effect of Manufacturing Tolerance in Flow Past a Compressor Blade, ASME, ISSN:0889-504X

Yuan J, Salles L, Schwingshackl C, 2022, Effects of the geometry of friction interfaces on the nonlinear dynamics of jointed structure, Proceedings of the 40th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2022, Springer International Publishing, Pages:67-74, ISSN:2191-5644

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