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Dr Lu Tian

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Research Associate



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Lu's research focuses on the interaction of turbulence, chemistry, nanoparticle and radiation in turbulent reacting flows with an aim of emission mitigation and renewable energy developments. 

During her PhD study, she worked on the impact of combustion-induced pressure fluctuations on the closure of turbulence and, for the first time, provided consistent and comprehensive expressions for pressure dilatation and pressure transport terms. She also worked on the evaluation of mixture fraction and reaction progress variable in turbulent partially premixed flames and her work suggested that the current accepted practical approach based on marginal probability density functions in appropriate. She further studied the scalar dissipation rate closure and mixing models in a bluff-body with high levels of shear layer instability and local extinction as a step towards a combustion regime independent model.

During her postdoc research, she has expended her research areas from non-sooting to sooting flames. She has used fully coupled Transported Probability Function (TPDF) method to investigate the evolution of particle size distributions (PSDs) from nanoscale upwards. The aim of the research is mitigate the particulate matters from aero engines. The research was sponsored by European Commission and close collaborations has been established with Rolls Royce (UK). Lu is also supporting the research on the impact of molecular diffusion on laminar/turbulent flows with an application in surface degradation (sponsored by Toyota Motor Europe Ltd). Lu is currently working on the influence of Damk√∂hler number scaling for aeroengine propulsion applications sponsored by the EOARD.