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Lan Zhao is Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London. She is Academic Director of the Imperial College Biological Imaging Centre (BIC). Employing innovative experimental approaches, she leads a research programme directed at identifying novel drug targets for pulmonary hypertension and developing biomarkers for assessing response to therapy.  

She is recognized for establishing the importance of the cGMP signaling pathway in pulmonary vascular homeostasis which contributed to the identification of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) as a key therapeutic target for pulmonary hypertension, as well as more recently her work has provided insight on roles of SOX17 (Circulation 2023), HDAC inhibitors, iron supplementation, metabolic modulators and autoimmune impact (ERJ, 2023). Most importantly, her research has led to a groundbreaking observation that zinc transporter, ZIP12, has a fundamental role in mammalian pulmonary vascular homeostasis and offers a new drug target for pulmonary hypertension (Nature 2015). To overcome the challenge of evaluating interventions for pulmonary hypertension on the pathology of the disease, Dr Zhao has applied cutting edge PET and MRI imaging methodology. Recently, she has established an AI research scheme to combine the MRI-based cardiac and computational metrics into a machine learning algorithm in parallel to clinical investigation, which has tremendous potential in developing personalized therapeutic strategies.

Professor Zhao leads a collaborative biomarker research program on pulmonary hypertension with China, supported by the Royal society, Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI), Chinese National Program and Natural Science Foundation, as well as the ECCPS Tibet High Altitude Research Program. Since 2006, she has organized an education program every year with Chinese Medical Society and Chinese Thoracic Society to promote pulmonary hypertension research in China.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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