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I work to promote open science and to support researchers' productivity through encouraging clean, robust, thoroughly tested code, using tried and tested principles of software development.


My research background addresses  problems in epidemiology  through the application of simulation and computational Bayesian inference, with special focus given to environmental transmission of pathogens.  This background includes modelling the transmission risk of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor spaces and how environmental factors affect the likelihood of fomite transmission, both as part of  the National Core Study PROTECT programme.  I have also recently worked on using dynamic modelling to gain a better understanding of how various targeting strategies of anthelmintic treatment in ruminants may bear down on resistance to these drugs in nematode populations.

Previously to all of this, I have worked for numerous NHS provider and commissioner organisations as a data warehouse developer and an information analyst.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Walker MD, Vincent JC, Benson L, et al., 2022, Effect of Relative Humidity on Transfer of Aerosol-Deposited Artificial and Human Saliva from Surfaces to Artificial Finger-Pads., Viruses, Vol:14

Benson L, Davidson RS, Green DM, et al., 2021, When and why direct transmission models can be used for environmentally persistent pathogens., Plos Comput Biol, Vol:17

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