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Prof Gardner leads an active research group working in the general area of steel structures. Analytical, numerical and experimental methods are employed to perform both fundamental and applied research. 

Funding for research projects has been provided by EPSRC, UK and overseas industry, student scholarships and other contributions.

Within the general area of steel structures, there are numerous ongoing research projects (some of which are outlined above) and opportunities. Applications from oustanding candidates are welcome at any time of year. Email for more information.

More information about the activities of the steel structures research group may be found here.




The Steel Construction Institute

The British Constructional Steelwork Association

South Ealing Tyres and Exhausts

Guest Lectures

Keynote speaker, International Conference on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures, Prague, 2019

Keynote speaker, International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures, Bradford, 2019

Keynote speaker, Steel and Composite Construction, Coimbra, 2019

Keynote speaker, International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Hong Kong, 2018

Keynote speaker, International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures, Lisbon, 2018

Keynote speaker, Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures, Valencia, 2018

Keynote speaker, Steel and Composite Construction, Hong Kong, 2017

Keynote speaker, International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures, Hong Kong, 2016

Keynote speaker, Steel and Composite Construction, Hong Kong, 2016

Keynote speaker, Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures, Beijing, 2015

Keynote speaker, Steel and Composite Construction, Porto, 2013

Keynote speaker, Pacific Structural Steel Conference, Beijing, 2010

Keynote speaker, SMEA Annual Conference, Sheffield, 2006

Research Student Supervision

Afshan,S, Structural behaviour of cold-formed stainless steel tubular members (Completed 2013)

Ahmed,A, Prestressed Steel structures

Ashraf,M, Structural stainless steel design (Completed 2006)

Behzadi Sofiani,B, Steel angle columns

Bu,Y, Structural behaviour of laser-welded stainless steel I-sections (Completed 2018)

Buchanan,C, Testing and design of conventional and novel stainless steel hollow sections (Completed 2017)

Chan,TM, Structural behaviour of elliptical hollow sections (Completed 2007)

Cruise,R, Behaviour of structural stainless steel cross-sections (Completed 2007)

Dos Santos,G, Behaviour and design of structural stainless steel members under concentrated transverse forces (Completed 2019)

Fieber,A, Structural steel design using advanced analysis with strain limits (Completed 2019)

Foster,A, Stability and design of steel beams in the strain-hardening range

Gosaye,J, Behaviour and design of post-tensioned steel structures

Guo,X, 3D printing in construction

Hadjipantelis,N, Prestressed cold-formed steel members (Completed 2019)

Huang,C, 3D printing in construction

Hui,C, Moment redistribution in cold-formed steel purlin systems (Completed 2014)

Kucukler,M, Stiffness reduction approach for structural steel design (Completed 2015)

Kyprianu,C, Cold-formed steel structures

Kyvelou,P, Structural behaviour of composite cold-formed steel systems (Completed 2017)

Lapira,L, Shear buckling of warped panels

Law,A, Structural design of elliptical hollow sections

Liew,A, Design of structural steel elements with the Continuous Strength Method (Completed 2014)

Liu,E, Interactive buckling in thin-walled I-section struts with rigidly rotating flange to web joints (Completed 2016)

McCann,F, Lateral torsional buckling of steel beams

McCann,F, Stability of beams with discrete lateral restraints

Meng,X, High strength steel structures

Ng,K, Stainless steel structures in fire (Completed 2006)

Nip,A, Seismic response of metallic structures (Completed 2009)

Osofero,AI, Mechanics and design of prestressed stayed columns

Qiu,W, Beam-column behaviour of concrete-filled elliptical hollow sections (Completed 2017)

Quan,C, Advanced analysis

Saari,N, Inelastic response of steel structures

Saliba,N, Lean duplex stainless steel structures

Salih,E, Stainless steel connections

Su,M, Behaviour and design of aluminium alloy structural elements

Theofanous,M, Stability and plasticity in metallic structures

Vella,N, Cold-formed steel-timber composite structures

Walport,F, Stainless steel frames

Wang,F, Deformation based steel design

Wang,J, Behaviour and design of high strength steel structures (Completed 2016)

Wu,K, Prestressed stayed columns

Xing,Z, Stainless steel members in fire

Yun,X, Material modelling and design of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel structures (Completed 2018)

Zhang,R, 3D printing in construction

Zhao,O, Structural behaviour of stainless steel elements subjected to combined loading (Completed 2015)

Zhu,Y, Plastic design of High strength steel (HSS) beams and portal frames