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Current trends in neuroscience and commercially available biomedical electronics have demonstrated great promise for delivering better health care. As a result there is a growing interest to distribute millimetre size bio-signal sensors throughout the human body to greatly improve therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities of today's healthcare. This effort raises new challenges beside the conventional focus on power and noise of electronics. For instance decoding activity from the central nervous system will necessitate highly adaptive capabilities that can interpret physiological markers in an effective and distributed manner. Any of these futuristic capabilities have yet to be accommodated in implantable devices currently available.

Moving towards this goal requires a number of cutting edge technologies to be seamlessly integrated together. 

Research Objectives

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  • Develop fully integrated sensing systems for bio-signal acquisition that are scalable and have distributed processing capabilities.
  • Utilise multi modal and mixed signal processing techniques to realise ultra efficient signal decoding with commercially available CMOS technologies.
  • Model instrumentation systems in relation to their resource requirements & dependencies to allow high level analytic optimisation strategies.

Research Interests

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  • Low noise analogue circuit design
  • Analogue to digital converters and ΔΣ modulators
  • Asynchronous and time domain circuit techniques
  • Analogue accelerators for machine learning