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Liz is a Senior Teacher of English for Academic Purposes at the Centre for Academic English (CfAE), where she is responsible for extending access to provision via online and digital delivery. She is an early adopter of Office 365 apps and was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert in 2019 and 2020. Liz introduced MS Class Notebooks at Education Day 2018 (To Inclusivity and Beyond) and is currently developing a Digital Learning Environment for the Centre.  A keen proponent of active learning and 21st Century Learning Design, she advises on inclusive and accessible resources for teaching and learning. In 2020 she won the President's medal in the category of student experience for this work and for her community support initiatives.

Liz is responsible for the Centre’s Listening and Speaking programme and has built provision for students, researchers and academic staff in response to need. In 2018 she set up the English Conversation Forum, a self-enrolling communication platform open to all members of the College, based on the successful English Conversation Project. Liz is Deputy Director of the Centre’s 12- and 6-week pre-sessional courses, which involves curriculum design, teacher training and standardisation, speaking assessment and lecture provision. These courses are designed to raise the language level of postgraduate students, build academic competencies and develop learner autonomy.  

Liz is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 


Liz joined Imperial College London in 2004 as a teacher of English for Academic Purposes with a background in language teaching, pronunciation, course design and Chinese community projects in London. Having studied Italian and French at University College London, she returned there in 2003 to complete a Master’s in Modern English Language, focusing on English syntax and phonetics, pragmatics and comparative phonology.  Liz specialises in the advanced English language requirements of Chinese speakers for international science communication.  


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Recent CONFERENCE Presentations 

Chiu, L and Smith, S (2021) Teaching Speaking Online in the post-Covid era: opportunities and unexpected benefits [Conference] BALEAP Conference: Exploring Pedagogical Approaches in EAP Teaching. University of Glasgow. 6-10 April 2021. 

Hartill, J, Chiu, L, White, RH (2020) People are more likely to speak behind the screen”: Exploring the hidden affordances of running a large-scale interactive event online.[Conference]: Technology-enhanced learning and EAP in the post-COVID-19 era, BALEAP 1st TEL SIG

'How we empower teaching and learning by getting teachers to learn and students to teach' Session for Microsoft Training Academy at the BETT Show 2020 (with J. Hartill), 22-25 Jan 2020

Chiu, L (2019) Exploring the Transformative Potential of Microsoft Office 365 [Conference] BALEAP Conference: Innovation, Exploration and Transformation. University of Leeds. 12–14 April 2019. 

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