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Dr Llewellyn Thomas is an Associate Professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona and Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School. His research interests lie in the co-evolutionary processes that lead to successful innovation, with a particular interest in ecosystem creation, evolution and dynamics in digital economy contexts.

Before joining academia, he founded a number of companies, as well as being a management consultant specialising in competitive and operational strategy in financial services contexts, both for his own consultancy, and as information strategy lead at the consultants BearingPoint UK. Previous to venturing into management consultancy he was Product Strategy Director EMEA at Hummingbird, a Canadian multinational software company, and Solutions Director at Valid Information Systems, an information management software company based in London, UK.

Llewellyn has a PhD in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Imperial College Business School. He also has an MBA with Distinction majoring in Finance & Strategy from Cass Business School London, an Honours Degree in Law majoring in jurisprudence and litigation, and an Honours Degree in Arts majoring in geography, both from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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