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I have completed a Msci in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London in 2018 and I am currently a joint Imperial-Crick PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics. 

Theoretical Physics of Biology Lab, Francis Crick Institute
Non-Equilibrium Systems Group, Imperial College London

Supervisors: Gunnar Pruessner, Guillaume Salbreux


My research focuses on the theory of non-equilibrium phenomena as a mean to understand the capabilities and limitations of living matter. On the more mathematical side, I am making use of the toolkit of stochastic thermodynamics and field theory to study the entropy production and correlation structure of systems subject to a quenched non-conservative forcing. On the applied side, in collaboration with experimentalists, I have been investigating how the information content of morphogen gradients in developing embryos is affected by receptor-receptor interaction.

Beside my main projects, I am involved in various other collaborative research efforts on topics such as: cover times and extreme value events, single particle entity in non-equilibrium field theories, movement ecology and motility induced phase separation. 




Alston H, Cocconi L, Bertrand T, 2022, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of diffusion in fluctuating potentials, Journal of Physics A-mathematical and Theoretical, Vol:55, ISSN:1751-8113

Cocconi L, Salbreux G, Pruessner G, 2022, Scaling of entropy production under coarse graining in active disordered media, Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, Vol:105, ISSN:1539-3755

Cocconi L, Kuhn-Regnier A, Neuss M, et al., 2021, Reconstructing the intrinsic statistical properties of intermittent locomotion through corrections for boundary effects, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Vol:83, ISSN:0092-8240, Pages:1-17

Christensen K, Cocconi L, Sendova-Franks AB, 2021, Animal intermittent locomotion: a null model for the probability of moving forward in bounded space., Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol:510, ISSN:0022-5193, Pages:1-19

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