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Maxime Allard

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Research Postgraduate



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I was born in Luxembourg and completed my undergraduate degree at the Technical University of Munich in Engineering Science. My Bachelor's thesis focused on Traffic Rules at Intersections for Set-Based Prediction to provide safety guarantees in motion planning of self-driving vehicles with Dr. Markus Koschi and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Althoff.

Following this, in 2019, I completed my Master of Science at Columbia University in Operations Research as a Fulbright Scholar. During my Master's degree I was a Data Science Intern at IBM in the Data Science Elite Team which I joined in NYC as Data Scientist after completing my degree. 

Recently, I moved to London to continue to work as a Data Scientist for IBM and started my PhD in the Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics Lab (AIRL) under the supervision of Dr. Antoine Cully. My interests lie in Machine Learning and Evolutionary Strategies in the domain of Robotics. More specifically, my research concentrates on a branch of algorithms called Quality-Diversity Algorithms.

Selected Publications


Allard M, Smith Bize S, Chatzilygeroudis K, et al., Hierarchical Quality-Diversity For Online Damage Recovery, The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, ACM

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