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1108gElectrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus






Aunedi M, Yliruka M, Dehghan S, et al., 2022, Multi-model assessment of heat decarbonisation options in the UK using electricity and hydrogen, Renewable Energy, Vol:194, ISSN:0960-1481, Pages:1261-1276

Olympios AV, Aunedi M, Mersch M, et al., 2022, Delivering net-zero carbon heat: technoeconomic and whole-system comparisons of domestic electricity- and hydrogen-driven technologies in the UK, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol:262, ISSN:0196-8904

Al Kindi A, Aunedi M, Pantaleo A, et al., 2022, Thermo-economic assessment of flexible nuclear power plants in future low-carbon electricity systems: Role of thermal energy storage, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol:258, ISSN:0196-8904


Aunedi M, Strbac G, 2022, System Benefits of Residential Heat Storage for Electrified Heating Sector in the United Kingdom

Borozan S, Giannelos S, Aunedi M, et al., 2022, Option Value of EV Smart Charging Concepts in Transmission Expansion Planning under Uncertainty, 21st IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (IEEE MELECON), IEEE, Pages:63-68, ISSN:2158-8481

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