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My interests relate to development of staff at all levels through diverse methods including: psychometrics, surveys, training, coaching and mentoring, development programmes and other short term interventions that deliver results.

Current initiatives and projects in this area include:

  • Understanding ket factors that support and accelerate research and academic talent development. 
  • Examining challenges, realities and requirements for institutional leadership development level - in collaboration with NASA, USA. (
  • Creating a general framework for academic development that serve the needs of the institution and the individual and that embraces leadership, productivity and wellbeing in a cost-effective manner.
  • Effective delivery of development support to busy senior managers - Case study from Imperial Business School
  • Research Grant Incubator
  • Departmental survey s and staff engagement projects and initiatives
  • Development of new and innovative second core management programme on Building and Leading Small Teams, including engaging learning materials and short/long term evaluation - Summer 2009 
  • Development of personal development and planning toolkit for Imperial managers - Summer 2009
  • College's PRDP new form development and implementation - 2009
  • Physics Department Juno project consultancy support - (on-going) 
  • Drivers of best individual work performance College brainstorm organiser - May 2009
  • Cross College learning needs analysis to inform good fit between what's on offer from LDC and what's needed for different staff groups - Fall 2009
  • Development of a unified and effective approach to mentoring staff - 2009
  • Faculty of Engineering: effective support for interdisciplinary academic appointments - Summer 2009
  • Expansion of power workshop portfolio - Summer 2009
  • Custom training programmes and team development for specific groups of staff within the College: Female Academic Staff, Heads of Groups (Eng Fac. & FoNS), Brainstorming and research grant support for departments and research Groups, change programmes (Registry)
  • Custom cunsultancy support to departments within Engineering and Natural Science Faculties
  • Individual coaching for staff

Past projects in the College include:

  • Department of Physics JUNO work on creating a positive work environment and coaching culture including departmental work environment survey and analysis - 2008 
  • Development of new and innovative core management and leadership programme for managers @ Imperial, including supporting learning materials and evaluation showing qualitative and quantitative improvements in managerial competence - 2008 
  • Faculty of Engineering Idea Labs Thematic Brainstorms and evaluations - 2008
  • Power workshops approach including design and evaluation - using a new, short burst sessions for powerful individual/team and organisational learning - 2008
  • Redevelopment of the College's central induction imperial Insights for new staff including College staff survey on Induction - Fall 2008
  • Faculty of Engineering Ideas Lab Brainstorm -  July 2008
  • Obtaining research funds programme (Eng Fac. & FoNS) April 2008
  • Fac. Eng Managment coaching group - Feb-April 2008
  • PRDP guidelines consultation and redevelopment
  • Central Induction evaluation and immediate improvements

Past projects: