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Organisational Development (OD) is a planned, holistic approach to improving organisational performance through putting people at the heart of the organisation, introducing new systems and processes, enhancing leadership and employee morale and managing dynamic and complex change. OD is not exclusive to HR.

As an internal OD consultant and accredited executive coach, I focus on optimising work cultures and staff development interventions that significantly improve results. This is achieved through my intimate understanding of the HE sector and research cultures, unqiue combination of analytical and people skills, high credibility with senior staff, collaborative, results-oriented, efficient approach with a heart. For a short talk on this way of working see my TEDx 2013 video.

I am passionate about shaping work places where all staff can excel and feel engaged by sharing & building learning. Work is much more than a pay check and I love seeing people at all levels of the organisation become true leaders.

Key activities within Imperial:

  • senior academic leadership development
  • academic career acceleration, development & rescue
  • bespoke consultancy service to managers and teams
  • executive coaching to senior staff
  • 1:1 research bid interview preparation for awards >£1M

Magdalena is a highly experienced Organisational Development Consultant, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker and Creator of a systemic thinking model to help improve resourcefulness and creativity. Her first book Get Productive is available on Amazon and will help you achieve better balance and tranform the results you obtain from your work and life. Magdalena has an honours degree in Neuroscience (NYU, US) and a PhD from Caltech (CA, US) in brain development and plasticity. She is an FRSA, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) affiliate, and a certified professional Co-Active Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and full member of the Association for Coaching (AC). She is also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, has studied and practices Arbinger Institute practice for peace and authentic leadership and is a qualified mediator with TCM.

After 5 years of working at Imperial, in 2013 Magdalena went part-time to develop her thinking model, collect research for her next book and to work with broader range of organisations interested in adopting her methodology. For further info about her external activities please visit her public page.

1:1 coaching

"Magdalena is not your average 'presentation guru' - she is a world leader in her field. My time spent working with Magdalena was characterised by a succession of 'wow' moments - where her insightful to-the-point suggestions would raise a presentation slide, or a verbal response, to a completely new level. Magdalena coached me for a £1.3M grant". Peter Vincent, 2013.

"My proposal was ranked 5th before the interview stage, but this improved to 1st after the interview coaching...The grant was a 5 year EPSRC fellowship worth just over £1m" Jonathan, S. Lecturer. 2013

"She helped me in expressing my research
vision... and in giving me the confidence needed for a successful interview" Bikash, Prof. 2013