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Dr Max Benjamin

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Honorary Research Associate







Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Max a clinical psychologist formerly in the Neuroepidemiology & Ageing (NEA) Research Unit in Imperial College's School of Public Health. He remains an honorary research associate of the Unit.

His clinical and research interests include clinical health and neuropsychology, with specific experience of research and practice in stroke, neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatry, autobiographical memory and management of chronic pain conditions including abdominopelvic pain.



Coleman B, Ellis-Caird H, McGowan J, et al., 2016, How sickle cell disease patients experience, understand and explain their pain: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis study, British Journal of Health Psychology, Vol:21, ISSN:1359-107X, Pages:190-203

Benjamin MJ, Cifelli A, Garrard P, et al., 2015, The role of working memory and verbal fluency in autobiographical memory in early Alzheimer's disease and matched controls, Neuropsychologia, Vol:78, ISSN:0028-3932, Pages:115-121

Gregoire SM, Smith K, Jäger HR, et al., 2012, Cerebral Microbleeds and Long-Term Cognitive Outcome: Longitudinal Cohort Study of Stroke Clinic Patients, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Vol:33, ISSN:1015-9770, Pages:430-435

Gregoire S, Kebets V, Scheffler G, et al., 2011, 13 Neuroimaging correlates of vascular cognitive impairment: prevalence and clinical relevance of mesial temporal lobe atrophy in a stroke service cohort, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Vol:82, ISSN:0022-3050, Pages:e1-e1

Thesis Dissertations

Benjamin MJ, 2013, Autobiographical Memory in Alzheimer's Disease

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