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My research interests lie in the combination of environmental and social sciences to address global environmental risks, possible solutions and collective choice issues. I have worked on the conservation of livestock biodiversity, on rural development,  on the environmental and economic analysis of water and waste cycles at the household level, and on the social and economic aspects of agriculture-environment relationships, in Europe and in West Africa.

I apply and combine a number of techniques and approaches from econometrics to geographic information systems, to qualitative semi-structured interviews, and I have an increasing interest in multi-agent systems. Agent-based modelling is in fact an extremely useful and rapidly developing tool in interdisciplinary research.

I currently work with Dr Alastair Bailey and others in a Rural Economy and Land Use funded project, "Re-bugging the System", on promoting the adoption of alternative pest management strategies in the UK.



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Bertaglia M, Mormont M, Trommetter M, 2005, Conserving Local Goat Breeds and Traditional Pastoralism in Southern France, Agricoltura Mediterranea, Vol:135, ISSN:0394-0438, Pages:77-94


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Bertaglia M., Roosen J., Assessing policies for biodiversity conservation: Develpment of an agent-based methodology, 3rd Symposium on Ecological Genetics

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