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Dr Marta Boffito, MD, PhD, FRCP, is a Consultant physician at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and Reader at Imperial College, London, London UK.

She is the Clinical Research Lead of the Clinical Research Facility and HIV Service Lead at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she runs numerous research projects and clinical trials, she consults on complex pharmacological issues, sees patients with HIV (she founded the first HIV over-50-years clinic in London, UK), and teaches HIV medicine and pharmacology at Imperial College London and in various National and International settings.

She trained in Italy, the USA, and the UK and has a special interest in antiretroviral drug pharmacology: from prevention to treatment. In these areas she contributes to the educational, scientific, and guideline-formulation activities of national bodies including the British HIV Association.

She is a WHO advisor and has been involved in capacity building programmes for resource-limited settings (e.g. Uganda) and is an applicant on numerous successful collaborative grants.

Funding: Gates Foundation, UNITAID, USAID, ViiV, Gilead, MSD, BHIVA.



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