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Martyn Boutelle trained at Imperial College gaining a PhD in electrochemistry with John Albery FRS in the Department of Chemistry. He then moved to Physiology at the University of Oxford where he worked with Marianne Fillenz and Allen Hill FRS in the interdisciplinary area of in vivo monitoring of the brain using electrochemical sensors. His work there lead to an interest in brain metabolism, and monitoring extracellular neurochemistry with high time resolution by use of microelectrodes and on-line microdialysis. This was extended to clinical monitoring of the brain in 1995 when he moved to the Department of Chemistry, King’s College where he was a Lecturer then Reader in Biomedical Analysis. He joined Imperial College in December 2004.

He now works closely with neurosurgeons at King’s College Hospital,  bowel and kidney surgeons at Imperial College, and Maxillofacial surgeons at Queen Alexandra's Hospital Portsmouth on the use of on-line microdialysis to detect transient ischaemia, and the development of new clinical monitoring techniques. These techniques combine electrochemical biosensors in novel microfludic devices with other real-time measurements such as tissue oxygen, electrical activity, blood pressure and flow to give multimodal monitoring.

He is a founder member of COSBID (, a grouping of clinicians and fundamental scientists interested in the role of spontaneous brain depolarisations in the maturation of brain injury.

Martyn’s research publications can be found at the tab above, or on Google Scholar

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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