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Dr Michael Brocklehurst

Business School

Honorary Senior Lecturer



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380Business School BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Michael Brocklehurst received his BSc., Msc, and PhD. from London University with all his postgraduate qualifications coming through study at Imperial College. Before joining Imperial, he taught at a number of higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Canada.  His PhD was in the field of new technology homeworking and he has published widely in this field.  His current research interests are in comparative international innovation, careers and identity and organizations and space.  His most recent publications are in Management Learning,Organization Studies, Organization and Technological Forecasting and Social Change.



Brocklehurst M, Grey C, Sturdy A, 2010, Management: The work that dares not speak its name, Management Learning, Vol:41, ISSN:1350-5076, Pages:7-19

Brocklehurst M, Sturdy A, Winstanley D, et al., 2007, Introduction - Whither the MBA? Factions, fault lines and the future, Management Learning, Vol:38, ISSN:1350-5076, Pages:379-+

Sturdy A, Brocklehurst M, Winstanley D, et al., 2006, Management as a (self) confidence trick: Management ideas, education and identity work, Organization, Vol:13, ISSN:1350-5084, Pages:841-860

Qu ZH, Brocklehurst M, 2003, What will it take for China to become a competitive force in offshore outsourcing? An analysis of the role of transaction costs in supplier selection, Journal of Information Technology, Vol:18, ISSN:0268-3962, Pages:53-67

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