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Dr Mai Bui

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Associate



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Dr Mai Bui is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Imperial College London. She is also a member of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) and co-leads the Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group (CleanFaB) with Dr Niall Mac Dowell. She is a Future Energy Leader at the Energy Centre of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). She is also a committee member of the SCI Energy Group.

She currently works on the Comparative assessment and region-specific optimisation of greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies project (funded by NERC), which studies the region-specific potential of negative emission technologies. 

In 2017, Mai worked on the project Multi-scale Energy Systems Modelling Encompassing Renewable, Intermittent, Stored Energy and Carbon Capture and Storage (MESMERISE-CCS), which studied the value of flexible CCS, identifying process bottlenecks along the CCS chain. 

In 2016, Mai completed work on the Opening New Fuels for UK Generation project. She studied the feasibility of firing biomass and biogenic waste-derived fuels (e.g., waste wood, municipal solid waste) in UK power plants. Her work focuses on developing grey-box models of the power plant and clean-up system.

Mai completed her PhD at Monash University in Australia (2011-2015). She worked in collaboration with The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to study the effect of flexible operation during post-combustion capture (PCC) of CO2. Her work involved process modelling and dynamic operation of a PCC pilot plant.

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