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DrMicheleCoti Zelati

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Reader in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations



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I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow and proleptic Reader in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Imperial College. Please refer to my personal webpage here, which is more often maintained.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Blumenthal A, Zelati MC, Gvalani RS, 2022, Exponential mixing for random dynamical systems and an example of Pierrehumbert

Coti Zelati M, D. Drivas T, 2019, A stochastic approach to enhanced diffusion, Annali Scuola Normale Superiore - Classe Di Scienze, Pages:811-834

Coti Zelati M, Hairer M, 2021, A Noise-Induced Transition in the Lorenz System, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol:383, ISSN:0010-3616, Pages:2243-2274

Coti Zelati M, Elgindi TM, Widmayer K, 2020, Enhanced Dissipation in the Navier–Stokes Equations Near the Poiseuille Flow, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol:378, ISSN:0010-3616, Pages:987-1010

Coti Zelati M, Elgindi TM, Widmayer K, 2023, Stationary Structures near the Kolmogorov and Poiseuille Flows in the 2d Euler Equations, Arxiv

Bedrossian J, Coti Zelati M, Punshon-Smith S, et al., 2020, Sufficient Conditions for Dual Cascade Flux Laws in the Stochastic 2d Navier–Stokes Equations, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Vol:237, ISSN:0003-9527, Pages:103-145

Zelati MC, Delgadino MG, Elgindi TM, 2020, On the Relation between Enhanced Dissipation Timescales and Mixing Rates, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol:73, ISSN:0010-3640, Pages:1205-1244

Bedrossian J, Coti Zelati M, Vicol V, 2019, Vortex Axisymmetrization, Inviscid Damping, and Vorticity Depletion in the Linearized 2D Euler Equations, Annals of Pde, Vol:5, ISSN:2524-5317

Bedrossian J, Coti Zelati M, Punshon-Smith S, et al., 2019, A Sufficient Condition for the Kolmogorov 4/5 Law for Stationary Martingale Solutions to the 3D Navier–Stokes Equations, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol:367, ISSN:0010-3616, Pages:1045-1075

Bedrossian J, Coti Zelati M, 2017, Enhanced Dissipation, Hypoellipticity, and Anomalous Small Noise Inviscid Limits in Shear Flows, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Vol:224, ISSN:0003-9527, Pages:1161-1204

More Publications