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Chair in Geological Fluid Dynamics



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My research interests focus on the prediction, quantification, and measurement of flow and transport processes in heterogeneous geological porous media, using field, experimental, mathematical and numerical techniques.

I lead the Novel Reservoir Monitoring, Modelling and Simulation (NORMS) Group, a multidisciplinary  collective of geoscientists, applied mathematicians, engineers, and experimental and computational physicists. 

The group develops and applies new methods to monitor and model flow and transport in subsurface reservoirs. Applications of the research are numerous and include subsurface energy storage, geothermal energy, mineral resources, groundwater flow, magma reservoirs and volcanic systems.

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Research Student Supervision

AlMahrooqi,D, Controlled salinity waterflooding in carbonates

AlRoudhan,A, Characterisation of wettability using measurements of streaming potential

Dilib,F, Closed-loop control of intelligent wells for production optimisation

Graham,G, Improved characterization and modelling of thinly-bedded, shallow-marine sandstone reservoirs

Ijioma,A, Inflow control of smart wells using measurements of spontaneous potential

MacAllister,DJ, Monitoring of saline water intrusion into freshwater aquifers using measurements of spontaneous potential

Maes,J, Numerical modelling of in-situ upgrading of heavy oil

Massart,B, Improved characterization and modeling of low-permeability heterolithic tidal sandstone reservoirs

Zhang,J, Pore-level modelling of multiphase spontaneous potential in porous media