Imperial College London

Emeritus ProfessorMustafaDjamgoz

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Emeritus Professor in Cancer Biology



+44 (0)20 7594 5370m.djamgoz




Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus








Rizaner N, Fraser SP, Gul IB, et al., 2024, Lidocaine Inhibits Rat Prostate Cancer Cell Invasiveness and Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Expression in Plasma Membrane., J Membr Biol

Djamgoz MBA, 2023, An Interview with Sally Adee, the Author of the Book "We Are Electric", Bioelectricity, Vol:5, ISSN:2576-3105, Pages:216-219

Foust A, 2023, Voltage-sensitive optical probes for measuring cell membrane potentials: An update and applications to ‘non-excitable’ cells, Bioelectricity, ISSN:2576-3105

Folcher A, Gordienko D, Iamshanova O, et al., 2023, NALCN-mediated sodium influx confers metastatic prostate cancer cell invasiveness, Embo Journal, Vol:42, ISSN:0261-4189

Djamgoz MBA, Levin M, 2023, Bioelectricity: A Multifaceted Discipline, and a Multifaceted Issue!, Bioelectricity, Vol:5, ISSN:2576-3105, Pages:75-75

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