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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Senior Lecturer



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Maher A, Aristodemou A, Giang N, et al., 2024, HTLV-1 induces an inflammatory CD4+CD8+ T cell population in HTLV-1-associated myelopathy, Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight, Vol:9, ISSN:0021-9738

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Sourij C, Aziz F, Kojzar H, et al., 2023, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 spike antibody level decline is more pronounced after the second vaccination, but response to the third vaccination is similar in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes compared with healthy controls: The prospective COVAC-DM cohort study, Diabetes Obesity & Metabolism, Vol:25, ISSN:1462-8902, Pages:314-318

Burnham KL, Maher AK, Jones EM, et al., 2022, Transcriptional reprogramming from innate immune functions to a pro-thrombotic signature by monocytes in COVID-19, Nature Communications, Vol:13, ISSN:2041-1723, Pages:1-17

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