Imperial College London

Professor Mona El-Bahrawy

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Professor of Practice (Histopathology)







Department of HistopathologyHammersmith HospitalHammersmith Campus





I am a Professor of Practice and Consultant Histopathologist at the Department of Histopathology, Imperial College London, Hammersmith Campus.  My main area of practice and interest is Gynaecologic pathology, and in particular Gynaecological tumour pathology.  

My job at Imperial College is a reflection of the ethos of the Academic Health Sciences Centre, where service work, teaching and research work are complimentary.

My research focuses on the identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets for epithelial tumours, particularly gynaecological tumours.  I have special interest in borderline ovarian tumours and sex cord stromal tumours.  Recently published work from our laboratory shows that there are molecular subtypes of serous borderline ovarian tumours.  Continued work in this area will hopefully lead to the identification of predictive biomarkers for the biological behaviour of individual borderline tumours, as well as the identification of potential therapeutic targets for tumours showing aggressive behaviour; both of which remain to be unmet clinical needs.





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