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Dr Michael Emerson joined Imperial College London in 2005 and is a Senior Lecturer in the Molecular Medicine Section of the National Heart and Lung Institute. He is Head of the Platelet Biology Group in South Kensington and teaches on various undergraduate medicine courses.

Dr Emerson is Senior Tutor for Years 1 and 2 on the MBBS/BSc undergraduate programme and was awarded the Rector’s Award for Excellence in Pastoral Care 2010.

Dr Emerson studied Animal Physiology and Nutrition at the University of Leeds and obtained a PhD from King’s College London in 1998. His PhD thesis defined the antithrombotic role of endogenous nitric oxide in vivo. He then embarked upon several post-doctoral positions and worked at the Universities of Sydney, Edinburgh and Manchester.

His current research is focused on the identification of novel signaling pathways in platelets and in determining the role of the vascular endothelium in regulating platelet function and thrombotic disease in vivo. He is also working to characterise the impact of ambient and engineered nanoparticulate pollutants on platelet-driven cardiovascular diseases.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Khawaja AA, Taylor KA, Lovell AO, et al., 2020, HIV antivirals affect endothelial activation and endothelial-platelet crosstalk., Circulation Research, Vol:127, ISSN:0009-7330, Pages:1365-1380

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Mohamed TMA, Oceandy D, Zi M, et al., 2011, Plasma Membrane Calcium Pump (PMCA4)-Neuronal Nitric-oxide Synthase Complex Regulates Cardiac Contractility through Modulation of a Compartmentalized Cyclic Nucleotide Microdomain, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol:286, ISSN:0021-9258, Pages:41520-41529

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