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Prof Michael Fertleman

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Bioengineering

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1. Dr Chris Pereira

Proposed Degree MD(Res)

"Neuroinflammation following surgery - a study of patients blood and CSF in the perioperative period using NMR & MS techniques" 

Main supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Melanie Dani

2. Dr Andrew Davies

Proposed Degree MD(Res)

" A comparison of total shoulder arthroplasty and shoulder hemiarthroplasty for glenohumeral arthritis utilising data from the National Joint Registry and Hospital Episode Statistics"

Main supervisors - Dr Peter Reilly & Dr Alex Liddle

Co-supervisor - Dr Michael Fertleman 

3. Dr Lorraine Kassaven 

Proposed Degree PhD

"Preservation of the Human Ovary"

Main supervisors - Prof Ghaem-Maghami & Dr Joseph Yazbek 

Co-supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Srdjan Saso 

4. Dr Saaliha Vali

Proposed Degree PhD

"Uterus Fertility Restoration"

Main supervisors - Prof Ghaem-Maghami & Dr J RIchard Smith

Co-supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Ben Jones

5. Dr Alvin Shrestha

Proposed Degree MD (Res)

"Frailty from Oxidative Stress in Hip Replacement"

Main supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Melanie Dani

Co-supervisors - Dr Alex Liddle & Dr Pauk Kemp

6. Dr Megan Parkinson

Proposed Degree MD (Res)

"Using smart-home technology to assess the early ‘real world’ impact of moderate-severe traumatic brain injury in the older adult population"

Main supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Melanie Dani

Co-supervisors - Dr Lucia Li

7. Dr Jane Manning

Proposed Degree MD (Res)

"Identifying biomarkers of deterioration following cardiac intervention"

Main supervisors - Dr Michael Fertleman & Dr Melanie Dani

Co-supervisor - Dr Chris Pereira