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My principal research interest is the study of planetary atmospheres. In particular, I investigate solar and auroral particle energy deposition in atmospheres of bodies throughout the solar system, using sophisticated kinetic and fluid models. Through close collaborations with instrument teams of major space missions (e.g., Cassini, Venus Express, Rosetta) I have used these models as binding elements between datasets from different instruments and thus optimized the scientific output from such measurements. I have focused so far on Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and its magnetised moon Ganymede, Saturn and its largest moon Titan, comets, and gas-giant exoplanets.



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Comet Interceptor: Unit Co-PI for Dust Field Plasma (DFP) [Lead of the magnetometer on B2], ESA/Comet Interceptor

JUICE: Science Co-I,Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) and UltraViolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS), ESA/JUpiter ICy Moon Explorer (JUICE).

Rosetta: Science Co-I, Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC), and Associate Scientist, Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (Rosina), ESA/Rosetta.

Ariel: Science Co-I, ESA/Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey (Ariel).

Cassini: Team Associate, Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS), Cassini-Huygens.

Venus Express: Supporting Investigator, ESA/Venus Express.

Akatsuki: Co-I, Lightning and Airglow Camera (LAC), JAXA/Akatsuki [formerly known as Planet-C and Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO)]

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Carnielli,G, Kinetic modelling of the plasma environment around Ganymede

Chadney,J, Modelling of the upper atmosphere of gas-giant exoplanets irradiated by low-mass stars

Cushen,A, Solar wind interaction with high outgassing comets

Héritier,K, Cometary ionosphere analysis from Rosetta multi-instrument dataset

Lewis,Z, Plasma environment in the diamagnetic cavity around comets

Sagnieres,L, The Influence of Local Ionisation on Ionospheric Densities in Titan’s Upper Atmosphere

Stephenson,P, Impact, evolution and origin of electrons at comet 67P