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Research Interests

Research interests focus on meteoritics and planetary science and terrestrial igneous petrology.

  • The nature of micrometeorites and meteorites
  • The formation of planetary systems
  • Impact processes and rocks
  • The origins of life on Earth
  • Astrobiology and Mars
  • The nature of metal-bearing basalts
  • Carbonatite magmatism

Planetary research is conducted as part of IARC 


  • Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London 2002-present
  • PDRA, Meteorites Division, Natural History Museum  1994-2002
  • PhD, Geological Sciences, University College London 1989-1993
  • BSc, Geology, RSM, Imperial College, 1987-1989

Recent Measures of Esteem

  • 2009 Imperial College Teaching Fellowship for Innovation.
  • 2009 Imperial College Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2009 Faculty of Engineering Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2009 Rectors Medal for Teaching
  • 2009 Rector's Fellowship for Innovation in Teaching
  • 2007 Invited lecture at Meteoroids, Barcelona
  • 2006 US Antarctic Service Medal
  • 2006 Asteroid named in honour of Matt Genge by the International Astronomical Union
  • 2004 First UK member of the NASA CAPTEM Committee of Cosmic Dust
  • 2004 NASA Stardust mission preliminary investigation team
  • 2003 Dorothy Hodgkin Award, British Association for Science for excellence in science communication


  • Member of the cosmic dust subcommittee of NASA CAPTEM.
  • Advisor to the UK Government''s Near Earth Objects Information Centre.
  • Member of the NASA STARDUST mission preliminary examination team.
  • Webmaster of the Meteoritical Society.

Invited Lectures and Presentations

Oslo Natural History Museum, 2015

Univ Bergen, 2015

London Lecture Series, "Geology in Space", Geological Society of London.

Invited Lecture, Meteoroids 2007, Barcelona, Spain

Science communication articles

Author of 27 feature articles within the UK national papers and New Scientist. Recent articles include:

  • The sound of shooting stars. The Guardian, October 23 2003
  • Nature’s stopwatch. The Guardian, March 27 2003
  • Rock of ages. The Guardian, January 09 2003
  • Where there’s muck there’s grass. The Guardian, December 19 2002
  • Illumination is the key. The Guardian, November 14 2002
  • Quaking at the knees. The Guardian, September 19 2002



Suttle MD, Folco L, Genge MJ, et al., 2020, Flying too close to the Sun - The viability of perihelion-induced aqueous alteration on periodic comets, Icarus, Vol:351, ISSN:0019-1035

Genge MJ, Van Ginneken M, Suttle MD, 2020, Micrometeorites: Insights into the flux, sources and atmospheric entry of extraterrestrial dust at Earth, Planetary and Space Science, Vol:187, ISSN:0032-0633, Pages:1-12

Madden-Nadeau AL, Genge MJ, 2019, Fiamme degassing structures and their implications for the post-emplacement temperatures and H2O contents of high-grade ignimbrites, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol:384, ISSN:0377-0273, Pages:251-262

Wilson A, Genge M, Krzesińska A, et al., 2019, Atmospheric entry heating of micrometeorites at Earth and Mars: implications for the survival of organics, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Vol:54, ISSN:1086-9379, Pages:1-19


Genge M, 2019, Geological Field Sketches and Illustrations: A Practical Guide, Oxford University Press, ISBN:978-0198835929

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