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DrMariaGomez Romero

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Manager



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Institute of Reproductive and Developmental BiologyHammersmith Campus





As Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Chromatography Manager, I oversee the application of mature mass spectrometric methods and technologies to ongoing research initiatives within the section of Bioanalytical Chemistry, ensuring timely completion of project deliverables in the Clinical Phenotyping Centre (CPC) and the MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre (NPC). My primary research interest focuses on the development, validation and application of profiling and targeted UHPLC-MS methodologies in metabolic phenotyping for the analysis of biological samples. 

When I started working in Imperial College as an honorary research associate in 2011, my research focused on the application of metabonomics to maternal pregnancy conditions and infants’ disease and development.  After that, I was appointed as a research associate looking after the projects focusing on the application of metabolomic techniques to diagnose and monitor liver cancer, alcoholic and viral hepatitis, hepatic encephalopathy and primary biliary cirrhosis, among other liver diseases. During that period, I also took on the role of LC-MS facility manager.

Prior to my time at Imperial College, I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Granada (Spain) completing my final year design project on the production of titanium dioxide in University College London.  Upon completing my BSc I undertook an MSc in Chemistry and my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Granada, where I developed and evaluated  analytical strategies (extraction, separation and detection mainly by MS) for the characterisation of phenolic compounds, and other metabolites, in different vegetable matrices.



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