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Professor of the Science of Electrical Devices

The interplay of solid state physics and chemistry, particularly physical chemistry, has been an abiding interest. This has led through many areas, including semiconductor electrochemistry, chem- and physi-sorption on semiconductors, thermoelectric systems, solid state photo-and e-beam-decomposition, and transition metal oxide electrochromic systems.Now my main interests are in the larger end of nano-systems. Here I have, inter alia, created silver structures that have very high Raman Scattering Enhancement factors. These special structures have been used to detect specific DNA hybridization and will be used for examining secondary structure in proteins. In connection with these nano-studies; I have invented a new method for making nano arrays, called “Island Lithography”. Here arrays of hemspherical islands of CsCl are made by self re-organization of thin film. The CsCl can act as a resist or a lift-off centre leading to arrays of pillars or cones or wells. The MEAN diameter of such structures can range fron 50-1000nm with fractional surface coverage from small up to ~0.75. Using this lithographic method various structures have been for a range of applications. Thus nano pillars in silicon have shown to be promising structures for anodes in lithium-ion batteries. This has led to the formation of a company, Nexeon Ltd, to exploit the use of structured silicon for improved anodes in LIBs. Well arrays have been used to construct matrix structures of electrochemical cells allowing for the detection of specified bio-molecules, and this constitutes an active programme.



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