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Current funding:

EPSRC: Flag Free DNA Detection Using SERS.

Leverhulme Trust: Nano-electrochemical cell arrays for Combinatorial Synthesis.

Imperial Innovations: Lithium-ion batteries

Current research is concerned with various aspects of nano-science and technology.  The work is mainly the exploitation of "Island Lithography", a process invented by the author.  Here CsCl thin films, deposited on the substrate of interest, are put through a self-assembly process that results in a surface array of CsCl hemispheres of mean diameter <d>, surface fractional coverage F.  These hemispheres are typically 250nm diameter, but can be controlably varied from <100nm to >1000nm.  The hemispheres can be used as a resist to fabricate pillars or cones or as a lift-off medium to fabricate holes or wells in a deposited thin film.  With this technique we have, inter alia: Made pillar arrays for the anodes of Lithium/silicom batteries; Made arrays of carbon coated silicon cones for field emission arrays;Fabricated perforated silver films with high optical transmission and superior sheet conductivity;Used wells in SiO2 on Si to make silver toroids at the bottom of each well, the assembly having a world best SERS enhancement factor.  This has been used for DNA analysis. There is an on going activity to made electrochemical nano-electrochemical cell arrays for combinatorial chemical synthesis.  Other nano-fabrication process ar currently being studied and applied to anodes for lithium-ion batteries.