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My main areas of interest are probability theory and analysis, with a particular focus on the analysis of stochastic PDEs. Please visit my personal homepage for more information.



Hairer M, Rosati T, 2024, Global existence for perturbations of the 2D stochastic Navier–Stokes equations with space-time white noise, Annals of Pde, Vol:10, ISSN:2524-5317

Gerasimovičs A, Hairer M, Matetski K, 2024, Directed mean curvature flow in noisy environment, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol:77, ISSN:0010-3640, Pages:1850-1939

Hairer M, Steele R, 2024, The BPHZ Theorem for Regularity Structures via the Spectral Gap Inequality, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Vol:248, ISSN:0003-9527

Erhard D, Hairer M, 2023, A scaling limit of the parabolic Anderson model with exclusion interaction, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, ISSN:0010-3640

Hairer M, 2023, A STROLL AROUND THE CRITICAL POTTS MODEL, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, ISSN:0273-0979

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